Do you have the tool in order for Digital Marketing?

Do you have the tool in order for Digital Marketing?

There are endless tools that can help you with your digital marketing. Below you will find a list of some of the most important and leading tools best digital marketing Malaysia. They are divided according to their primary purpose.

Online software, SaaS

In the old days, software was something you installed on your computer. Today, many SaaS (Software as a service) solutions are hosted in the cloud and run online. Even heavier system solutions such as financial systems are offered today as SaaS. Using the right digital marketing tools is important here.

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Content Management System (CMS)

Today, CMS is much more than just a tool for managing and publishing web content, the Web Content System (WCM). A good CMS allows you to deliver tailored and personalized content based on users’ interaction with a brand – in real time and on multiple platforms such as web, apps and social media. At the same time, it must be possible to integrate CMS with the many other systems you use.

Some systems support COPE = C reate O nce, P ublish E verywhere. This means you can create content once and make use of it on multiple individual platforms.

Half of all websites do not use CMS

W3Tech has an analysis of the most widely used and used CMS . It is interesting to see that more than half of all websites do not use a CMS (not a CMS that W3Tech keeps an eye on). The proportion of websites that do not use CMS is declining, from 76% in 2011 to 55% in 2021.

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The most used CMS worldwide


Every fourth website uses the free CMS. In 2021, the share was 26.5%. Since more than half of all websites do not use CMS, it gives WordPress an impressive market share of as much as 59.5% (2021).

Free, Open source system with developers worldwide. In addition to the traditional content management, a wide range of add-ons (plugins) are offered that can provide advanced solutions. Many free design templates are offered and you can buy more professional template with enhanced built-in functionality. WooCommerce is the most widely used and free platform for eCommerce.

  • Joomla. The second most widespread system, market share of 5.9% (2021). Open source system.
  • Drupal. The third most common system, market share of 4.9% (2021).
  • Magento. 2.8% (2021).
  • Blogger. 2.6% (2021).
  • TYPO3. 1.5% (2021). The Enterprise Open Source CMS.
  • Bitrix. 1.4% (2021). Bitrix was founded in Russia in 1998, and quickly became a successful player in the market for websites and CMS. More info about Bitrix (
  • Adobe Dreamweaver. 1.3% (2021). Create code, edit and organize responsive websites that look great on any screen size.

Other CMS systems worth mentioning

The international class has several awards as the best system (Forrester and Gartner) and the best IT company. Sitecore is much more than CMS, it is at the same time ‘contextual intelligence’ and ‘omnichannel automation’ that makes it possible to give customers personal, tailored experiences. The Sitecore Experience Platform is an “all-in-one” technology that enables marketing to deliver a personalized, relevant and thoughtful experience to customers.