What are the causes of hair loss?

As we said earlier, hair loss is a natural process mmc996. Yet one has more to do with it than the other. There are many different factors that influence the growth of your hair. We have listed a number of causes for you:

Heredity . Often hair loss occurs in families and you cannot do anything about it. This form of hair loss is also called androgenic alopecia.

Old age . As you age, your hair doesn’t grow as long and becomes weaker and thinner.

Hormonal fluctuations . If you are pregnant or in transition , you may experience hair loss. Hormone changes in fact affect the hair growth cycle.

Stress . Also, stressĀ  can disrupt your hormone balance. This disturbance can lead to hair loss.

Unhealthy lifestyle . You can think of poor nutrition (through a strict diet) or too little exercise.

Hairstyles or head covering . A tight bun or braid, hair extensions and head covering can cause too much tension on your hair.

Chemotherapy . You can lose a lot of hair in a short time due to chemotherapy.

Diseases, infections or conditions . Think of fungal infections, thyroid disorders or an iron deficiency.

Do you suddenly suffer from bald spots? Then this may indicate the hair disease: alopecia areata. In that case, consult your doctor.